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Steamed Sticky Rice Cake

A sweet glutinous rice cakes topped with freshly grated coconut meat. A great snack or dessert that is also vegan!

What is Kutsinta?

Apparently it was named after a pre-colonial kitchen equipment for its flattened, saucer-like shape according to Kutsinta is a ‘kakanin’ they are a variety of different types of rice cakes in the Philippines. Kakanin came from the word ‘kanin’ meaning rice, although you will also find root crops variations that are also considered as kakanin [ka-ka-nen]. Kutsinta has a jelly-like texture and topped with freshly grated coconut which adds more sweetness and texture to the snack. It’s also known as Puto Kutsinta, honestly there’s nothing rude about this hahaha!!! 

I wish we have more information about the history of Filipino food pre-colonial time but it’s comforting that slowly but surely there are many chefs and foodie out there who are looking for more information which hopefully one day someone will collect & research more about Filipino food and share it to the world. 

Let’s talk about ingredients

Most of the ingredients are readily available from your local asian shop. I bought mine from Chinatown in London. I used glutinous rice flour and rice flour mixture as I wanted to keep it as close to the traditional recipe, you will find that some people use all purpose flour or tapioca flour, even cassava flour instead of rice flour. It changes the texture of the kutsinta and honestly it’s really up to you and what you prefer. I wanted to give you a basic recipe where you can experiment with different types of flour and ingredients. 

I used a red natural food colouring but you can use annatto or achiote powder too. If you are using annatto powder, make sure you mix this with the water first then add the water into the flour mixture when instructed.

The molds I used are a mixture of molds from the Philippines, it’s apparently medium size and they are playtic. The other mold I used as an experiment is silicone in large that you will get at your local supermarket or bakery shop. 

I used frozen grated coconut that I bought from Chinatown, I defrosted some from the packet ready to use when the kutsinta is cooked and cooled down. 

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80g cup glutinous rice flour
80g cup rice flour
1 teaspoon lye water
150g cup brown sugar
375ml water
1 drop red liquid food colouring OR 3 teaspoon annatto powder
1 tablespoon vegetable oil for brushing pan
100g grated coconut for toppings



In a large bowl, add glutinous rice flour, rice flour and sugar. Mix them together well.


Pour water into the dry mix of ingredients, using a hand whisk gently mix until all of the ingredients blended together.


Add lye water and a drop of red colouring into the mixture and mix them again. (if you are using annatto powder mix this into the water first before adding it to the dry ingredients).


Lightly grease the molds with some oil, pour the rice mixture into the molds and place them into the steamer holder and cook for 45 minutes or until the top is set. If you are using a non electric steamer, let the water boil first then turn it down when cooking the kutsinta.

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