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I’m Mae, I’m the author, cook and photographer behind Food with Mae.

When it all started

What started as a coping mechanism turned into an obsession! Before Food with Mae, I created Pepe’s Kitchen in 2011. PK was created after my father ‘Pepe’ passed away. He was the one who taught me how to cook Filipino Food and I named my business after him. ‘Pepe’ was his nickname. 

It was a small catering business; a monthly Supperclub and I was posting Recipes on my blog too. Serving Filipino Food to both private and corporate clients including the Philippine Embassy, Don Papa Rum events in London and Popup Residencies at ‘Sun and 13 Cantons’ in Soho and ‘Trailer Happiness’ in Portobello Rd.

What really ignite my passion in cooking was my appearance at UKTV food, my husband Adrian went to a meeting with the network’s representative and he came home telling me that I will be filmed cooking Filipino food! And that UKTV food will donate £200 to Philippine Generations, a non-for-profit organisation that Adrian and myself with 3 other friends founded.

I also appeared on TV with Mary Berry on BBC2 for ‘Mary Berry’s Easter Feast’. I was cooking Filipino Lechon (Fragrant Slow Roasted Pork Belly) alongside Mary Berry (amazing experience btw!).

Who is she?

I was born in Manila, lived in the province of the Visayas region (Makinhas, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines, where my mother is from) until my teens when I left Philippines and spent the my first 2 years in the UK in Sevenoaks, Kent and where I went to Secondary school. I moved to London after that to continue my studies and never left since!

I live with my husband, 2 beautiful daughters and our fur baby in a humble flat with a mini urban balcony garden overlooking the City.

Beef Short Rib or Adobong Baka, braised in soy sauce and vinegar with bay leaves, onions and garlic.

In my corner of the internet, I’m going to share my recipes of comforting, easy and vibrant Filipino dishes. These collections of recipes were handed down to me from my late father who was from the Batangas province 2 hours south of Manila, a few I learnt during our travels on holiday across the Philippines, a few ideas from my mother in law who is from Pangasinan province 4 hrs North of Manila and occasionally some bakes from my mother who loves encouraging me to bake more!

Comforting Filipino dishes that hugs you from inside out.

Easy to follow recipes that do not sacrifice on taste just because you are on a budget or have little time to cook.

Vibrant culture & heritage of the Philippines, showing the different influences that shaped the country’s food.

Generally Filipino food is versatile, the ingredients are easy to find or can be substituted and it doesn’t cost as much as other cuisines to make.

I absolutely would love to see what Filipino food you are cooking. Please tag @foodwithmae on your Instagram stories and photos for my #filipinofoodfridays series and get a shoutout!

I’ll occasionally post about these topics too:

  • Family – writing about my experiences as a wife, mum and an entrepreneur. Cooking together and eating together. My girls love to eat, although you can’t tell from their frames, they are for sure big eaters! I may post about our urban garden from time to time.
  • Filipino Food Movement – the journey of Filipino food in UK .
  • Scholesy – our toy poodle dog who is the most adorable dog, my co-worker and our family Mascot. He loves plenty of kisses and cuddles. You can waste your time looking at his Instagram here.

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Filipino Recipes
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