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Banana Ketchup- FoodwithMae-2

Banana Ketchup

A popular and delicious condiment from the Philippines. It’s sweet, tangy, sometimes spicy and it’s similar to tomato ketchup. What is Banana Ketchup When I was a kid growing up in the Philippines, my two favourite things to eat were bbq hotdog and banana ketchup with rice. My mama said I was really fussy and […]

Easy Banana Ketsup - FoodwithMae -YT

Banana Ketsup

Homemade Banana Sauce or Ketchup Banana Ketsup (ketchup) is a popular condiments in the Philippines. This is a quick and easy recipe that you can make in minutes! I hope you will like this recipe. Banana Ketsup goes really nicely with Embutido as well as many Filipino and non-Filipino dishes such as fishballs, ukoy (shrimp […]

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Easy Carrots Pickle

Atchara / Atsara Atchara is a pickle condiment from the Philippines, it has a sweet and sour flavour. This side dish is normally paired with BBQ, Grilled and Fried dishes. What is Atchara Atchara or also known as Atsara is a popular condiment in the Philippines, usually with unripe green papaya and sometimes mixed with […]


Pickled Green Papaya

I think Atchara is Filipinos version of Kimchi, it’s a condiment that can be paired with many Filipino dishes like fried or barbeque dishes. Families and friends can make it together and it’s a fantastic gift to give a foodie! I love making atchara, slicing the ingredients are somewhat relaxing as long as you are […]

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