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Kanto Fried Chicken - Food with Mae-7

KFC – Kanto Fried Chicken

Crispy and FLavourful Filipino Fried Chicken If you love fried chicken, you will enjoy this recipe too!  In the US they have Kentucky Fried Chicken, Koreans have their fried chicken, Philippine has Kanto Fried Chicken. The word ‘kanto’ literally means street corner. The name came from the street vendors in the Philippines KFC (kanto fried […]

Vigan Longganisa - Food with Mae-12

Vigan Longganisa na Hubad

Naked Garlicky, Tangy and Savoury Filipino Sausages What is Longganisa It’s a Filipino sausage also known as ‘Soriso’ / ‘Tsoriso’. It’s flavoured with local spices and coloured red or yellowy/orangey colour from annatto seeds. This recipe is Vigan Longganisa na Hubad, which literally mean naked sauage. HAHA! There are two main types of Longganisa, sweet which […]

Mogu Mogu Drink - Food with Mae-3

Grape Mogu Mogu with Lemonade Mocktail

A Refreshing Drink You Need this Summer! We love mogu mogu, each of my family have a favourite flavour mogu mogu. I love all flavours, to be honest but my ultimate fave is Mango. I hope you will make this drink and if you do. I would love to hear from you. Please tag me […]

Ham and Burrata Sandwich - Food with Mae-3

Ham and Burrata Sandwich

With Toasted Garlic and Baby Plum Tomatoes We loved this sandwich! It’s creamy and full of flavours. Adrian (hubby) and I have a little competition on who can make the best sandwich. To be honest I think it’s a close one because he makes great sandwiches too. I think the difference is that Adrian isn’t […]

Inasal na Manok sa Airfryer - Food with Mae-6

Inasal Na Manok Sa Airfryer

Fragrant Chicken Barbeque Grilled on the Airfryer Boneless Thigh Chicken Barbeque marinated in a mixture of vinegar and numerous spices such as lemongrass, garlic, and ginger. Basted with annatto and butter infused oil. Grilled in the Airfryer What is Inasal This chicken barbecue is a regional recipe from Bacolod region, Western Visayas Philippines. The Ilonggo […]

Tinola na May Papaya - Food with Mae-14

Tinola na may Papaya

Chicken and Ginger Soup with Green Papaya When I see London being gloomy, I’m like… immediately soup! I was craving some tinola and I bought some papaya recently. So it’s the best day to make some Tinola I would say.  My cooking skills are learnt from my late papa “Pepe”. I wouldn’t be who I […]

Prawns with Crab Paste Egg Fried Rice - Food with Mae-3

Prawns with Crab Paste Fried Rice

This turned out sooo good! My children really enjoyed this fried rice too, they scoffed up their food so fast. Haha!  A fast and easy meal for you to make, this took me less than 20 minutes to make and it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients.  I’m using crab paste which is the closest […]

Overnight Oats- Food with Mae2

Protein Overnight Oats

I love this for breakfast, if I don’t make protein porridge I make these in advance. It’s super simple but so nutritious and a great breakfast to start your day! I love overnight oats for breakfast, if I don’t make protein porridge I make these in advance. It’s super simple but so nutritious and a […]

Escabeche - Food with Mae-9

Salmon Steaks Escabeche

Salmon Steaks with Sweet & Tangy Sauce What is Escabeche  The Origin story is nicely written by I was so fascinated by this information. The origin of the word “escabeche” is Persian. The Arabs brought the word “escabeche” to Spain in the 8th Century. The word is derived from “Al-sikbaj,” a popular meat dish […]



Pork and Prawn Wrapped in Bean Curd What is Kikiam  A popular Filipino street food in the Philippines. It’s sausage-like shape with Chinese origins. When it was introduced to the Filipinos, we adapted it and made it our own. Kikiam is sold by street vendors pushing wooden carts equipped with deep frying woks.  This street […]

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