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Chicken Oil for Inasal

A savoury condiment to add chicken flavour to your rice! What is Chicken Oil It’s a condiment that is drizzled over rice when you eat Inasal na Manok or Chicken Barbecue. Inasal literally means ‘to grill’ and is from the Bacolod region in the Philippines. It’s a popular way of barbecuing meat because of its […]

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Inasal na Manok

A Fragrant Spatchcock Chicken Barbecue with Annatto and Butter Baste. Inasal has the perfect smokey, peppery and citrus balance. Served with a lovely steamy hot ric, a garlicy soy & vinegar dip and Atchara (Filipino Pickles). W What is Inasal This chicken barbecue is a regional recipe from Bacolod region, Western Visayas Philippines. The Ilonggo […]

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