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I have been seeing Bunsik photos and videos being shared around so much on social media that I thought, yeah I should give them a try too! Bunsik specialises in Korean Street Food – corn dogs, cupbap (rice in a pot with toppings) and Ddukbokki (fried rice cakes)

Before my teens went back to school I took them out for some food and bonding time. I love spending time with my daughters but my 2 teens drive me madder now than when they were little. Maybe it’s the bickering or maybe it’s the background songs from TikTok or IG reels on repeat that’s driving me cray cray! Anyhoo, to celebrate them going back to school I took them to try Bunsik with me. 

A blogger RollinJoint talked passionately about “Why Bunsik London is not the Real Bunsik you are looking for” 

I’m pretty new to Korean food, I only really expanded my cooking abilities to other cuisines recently so I’m not well versed on Korean cuisine but I can tell you if it’s good or not with my experience visiting Bunsik.

We ordered:

1x Half and Half with mayo £4.80

1x Half and Half with ketchup £4.40

Potato Hotdog £5.90

The Service was good, the guy who served me was pleasant and efficient. Although I would’ve liked for him to explain the sauce situation more as I didn’t know we could choose more than one. I saw people after me, who obviously knew you can choose more than one sauce with multiple sauces on their corn dogs. Maybe the Britishness and politeness took over and that’s why I didn’t question or ask about the food! I’m not sure if the problem is the guy should have explained more or if I should have asked. They had a ticketing system which reminded me of the Philippines a lot and that feeling when your number is being called brings me so much excitement! Haha! 

The Food was tasty, I love the usual corn dog and I thought Korean corn dog would be an interesting mix. My order was the Potato Hotdog, in all honesty I did not like this. I love potatoes, I like the idea of some-what chips stuck on a corndog and Potato hotdog did not live up to my expectations. I’m not even sure if the potatoes were stuck on the outside,I think it was added to the dough? It was dry, it was hard to eat and I think it definitely needed more sauce. Again, if I knew I could have more sauce it may not have been so dry. The Half and Half with mozzarella was much better. Tasted good but I would’ve preferred the hotdog to go all the way side by side with the mozzarella and not first half mozzarella then second half hotdog. Oh well I guess we can’t have it all! I will try the non-hotdogs next time!

The Verdict, this is the ultimate question. As someone who hosts supperclubs in London, part of the goal is that you do enough for the customers to come back again. I think Bunsik has tickled my taste buds and although it didn’t work out the first time, maybe I’ll have a different view and experience on the second visit. I wish that the people (foodies/influencers) who did visit Bunsik before me had given more honest info about their experience. Isn’t that what bloggers/food influencers are supposed to do, not just post pretty photos or reels?  I honestly thought it was all about the corn dogs, because that is all I keep seeing and trending. When I saw the menu had lots of other options I was overwhelmed. Did you know you can order Ddukbokki (rice cakes) with the original hotdog? Or Cupbap like Bulogogi rice bowl? So I was stuck with just ordering corn dogs! Hahaha! 

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