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I was invited to check out the new menu at Cloud Twelve located in Notting Hill Gate. I am not a vegan or vegetarian but I do try to have a balanced diet with my family. I always encourage my family to eat healthily and sustainably as much as we can. I was due to meet my friend KG who is vegan and I invited her along to try the new menu with me. We were discussing our future vegan Filipino and Thai collaboration supperclub.

Cloud Twelve is a homage to the unity so needed in the world today, the menu embraces global flavours to deliver delicious and vibrant vegan and vegetarian offerings. 

Here’s what we ordered

Burrata with Caramelised Figs, Rockets and Sweet Mustard Vinaigrette

Miso Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Confit Onion, White Onion Puree and Pesto

Roasted King Oyster Mushroom, Mushroom Puree, Pickled Inoki Mushrooms, Pea Shoots & Garlic oil

Roasted Cauliflower, Cauliflower Puree, Pomegranate, Dill and Chive Vinaigrette

Botanical Latte – Beetroot Latte

Glow juice – Beetroot, Carrots, Apple and Lemon

The Service – As I entered the venue, the receptionist welcomed me and showed me where to go into the brasserie. There, the waiting staff showed me my table. The staff knew the menu, he explained how the menu works and the different dishes and drinks. KG asked about the Botanical latte,  which the waiter answered well. I was happy with the service.

The Food – KG and I shared some of the dishes. All the dishes we ordered were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised, I came in with an open mind and belly and I’m very happy that the food tasted really good. My favourite dishes were the Burrata with figs and Roasted King Mushrooms. I love burrata in all kinds of ways but I haven’t tried it with some figs. I thought this would work as I sometimes eat cheese with some fresh figs or fig chutney but I didn’t think it would work with some mustard but it did go well together. For those who know me, I love mushrooms too! Haha! I love the different ways & kinds of mushrooms used in this dish. The waiter who served us also gave us a complimentary sourdough bread to eat with the mushroom which went down nicely. 

The other two dishes were also tasty, though I thought the Miso Glazed Sweet Potatoes were a little too salty for my tastebuds. The sweet potato was cooked perfectly, it was nice & soft, easy to eat and the onions and pesto came together well. TheRoasted Cauliflower was also lovely, it wasn’t sloppy or overcooked which is a point for me because I don’t like overcooked veggies. I feel like if it’s overcooked all the nutrients are gone. The pomegranate added some freshness and sweetness to the dish which was great. 

The Drinks – I had the Glow juice which was so refreshing, I love fresh juices and this definitely was a good one to order with the food. KG had the Beetroot Latte, I had a sip from her latte and it tasted good too. I’m not into the botanical latte, which I know now, as this was my first time to try it. It was yummy but it’s not my thing. 

The Location – It was easy-ish to get to, it’s located in a small mews so you need to keep an eye out as there’s a chance that you might miss it. It’s about a 10 minutes walk from Nottinghill Gate station, in my case about 15 minutes walk because I have short legs. It’s a 4 minutes walk from Portobello Road. 

The Verdict – I’m always going to be honest with you and this was a very delicious meal. I would definitely go back again. Cloud Twelve is a club but you can go there just to go to the Brasserie. In the venue they also have a Mothers & Toddlers group with many activities and a cute canteen. I wish they were around when my girls were little. There is a spa and hairdresser inside too. I would definitely bring more friends there and my family too. 

Have you visited to Cloud Twelve Brasserie before? What are your thoughts?

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