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Santa Maria Review - Food with Mae 7

Pizza is Love…Pizza love!

It’s not a secret that I love Pizza. The husband surprised the family and treated us to some pizza. I thought why not review it too, 2 birds and all that. Haha! I didn’t know where he was taking us, I was definitely intrigued. When we arrived at the place and saw the name of the restaurant, it’s a restaurant that I hadn’t heard of before. At this point I had an open mind because if I was to review this place I have to come in with some expectations but flexible to the thought of Santa Maria being different to what I’m used to or to the Pizza restaurants I’ve been to before.

Why should you listen to me? I’m an independent reviewer, our meals were not free or it’s not an invite by the restaurant for us to try. So my views are all my own opinion.

The Service

As we entered the restaurant, it was around 2pm was mostly empty with 2 tables with customers already eating. The staff tried to greet us pleasantly but felt forced. It didn’t bother me, I understand sometimes you can have a bad day at work. She showed us our table and we sat down. She left and eventually gave us the menu. We were left a while before our order was taken. There was no one in the kitchen cooking for a while then one kitchen staff went in the kitchen, he seemed like he was doing something. We had to call the waitress to get our order. When our orders came a different waiter came to give us our food, he seemed more attentive and pleasant. I think he made up for the first waitress who was serving us. Out of 10, I would say service is 7/10. 

The Food

We ordered a burrata salad and 4 pizzas…yes we had 1 each! For starter we shared Burrata Pugliese which was with wild rocket, cherry tomatoes and their own bread. It was okay. It seemed dry? It could do with some olive oil or some kind of dressing? I didn’t enjoy this. 

For main, I ordered the Santa Carmela, it’s topped with cotto ham, tomato sauce, fiordilatte (cow mozzarella), mushrooms and parmesan. This was actually pretty good, I really enjoyed my pizza. I went for a safe option that I know I’m going to enjoy and I didn’t feel so adventurous on this day. 

Adrian ordered the Santa Caterina topped with chillies, fiordilatte, salame napoli and parmesan. I liked this better than mine, it’s got a good heat, not too spicy and the flavours are delicious. 

Miss E ordered Santa Margarita, a classic cheese and tomato pizza, Miss E is generally not an adventurous eater especially with strong flavours but she really enjoyed hers and finished the whole pizza to herself. 

Miss B ordered Santa Filomena, it was topped with mushrooms & truffle cream, free range rare breed North Yorkshire pork sausages, smoked mozzarella and parmesan. This was my favourite pizza from our visit! I love mushrooms and truffles, the only reason why I didn’t order this is because I was worried about the cream. I have a slight dairy intolerance so I could have a slice but a whole pizza might trigger me. This pizza didn’t have any tomato base, I normally don’t like it but I really enjoyed this pizza. The truffle and mushroom flavours were good and not overpowering plus it was nice and creamy but not soggy. 

The Decor

I want to mention the decor in the restaurant, lovely art decor with Mary or Maria art on the wall and on the tissues too. Talk about branding! 

The Verdict

Overall the pizza was great, it was freshly made in their woodfire oven and they had a wide range of pizza with different toppings to choose from for the whole family to enjoy even the fussy ones. The pizza was cooked well with a thin base and a soft fluffy crust with burnt spots which tells me that it was cooked on high temperature for the crust to bubble up and char. I also like that they are also generous with their toppings. That’s always a plus for me! I would give their pizzas 9 out of 10. For Adrian and I, we paired our pizza with some beer and my girl had cola with their pizza. 

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