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Crome London Review


Last week we visited the newly opened Crome London on James Street. It’s actually very close to where I live so after seeing it all over instagram, I thought to give it a go plus they serve Ube Frappe! So of course I have to have it!.

For some reason, hubby and I seem to go on a date on a Tuesday and now it’s become #TuesDate for us. We arrived at the restaurant, hubby didn’t have a clue what this place is all about haha! Since we arrived too early, they open at 12pm, while we waited we sat down and I explained to hubby that it’s a cafe that serves French toasts, savoury and sweet, coffee and Ube too. He was pretty excited at this point. We browsed through the menu, and we decided to choose 1 savoury toast and 1 sweet toast. A coffee and Ube.

As soon as 12pm hits, the waiter took everyone’s order and we ordered the following:

Black Truffle Cheese and Mushroom French Toast

Salted Caramel and Chocolate French Toast

Spanish Latte

Ube Frappe

The service was pretty smooth, Ube frappe came first with Spanish Latte. It gave me time to take some photos (of course!). Soon after the food came and again I took photos before we ate. The waiter who served us was polite and pleasant.

The food came well presented, you can see lots of thought went into it layering the toasts and toppings. It was appetising for the eyes for sure. Hubby and I are pretty much a strategist when it comes to eating. We both decided to eat the savoury first, which was the Black Truffle Cheese and Mushroom toast. This was delicious, we really enjoyed it. You can taste the truffle flavour coming through nicely with the cheese and mushroom cooked perfectly. We got 2 thick slices of toast, it was toasted really well, not over toasted, the sides were nicely crusty and the bread was soft in the middle which I like. It’s not your regular slices of bread that you get from the supermarket hahaha!! These slices of bread were thick and chunky brioche! We then started eating the sweet toast, which was the Salted Caramel and Chocolate toast. It came with 2 thick toasts, layered on top of each other. It was topped with salted caramel sauce, 2 oreo biscuits, 2 ferrero rocher and 1 kinder bueno halved. It looked like a perfect toast! I thought this was just okay, I love desserts and chocolate, who wouldn’t but I found this too sweet for me. I definitely need to share this with someone as I don’t think I could eat it all. However, hubby enjoyed this toast and his only comment was…”it needs more salted caramel sauce! I’ve seen other photos including their Instagram account with more sauce!”

The drink, let’s start with Spanish Latte, was lovely great balance. It wasn’t too sweet, the coffee was lovely and I will definitely order this again even if I’m on the go. For the Ube Frappe, well…where do I begin? Maybe I’ll go straight to the point, I’m very disappointed with this. This does not taste like Ube! I was really excited to try this but left deflated on my first sip. Apart from it not tasting like what it should be, it was mixed with some fragrant syrup that tastes like rose water or something which to me was over-powering everything else. Hubby said “It tastes like Turkish Delights!”

Verdict: We had a lovely meal, the service was great and the food was lovely. It’s worth a visit, however I would not recommend ordering Ube Frappe. It says in their Menu that it’s their best seller but I doubt any Filipinos liked it. It sells because it is purple and great for instagrammable photos! I think they need to do more research on this, maybe check out Mamasons and taste all sorts of Ube flavoured drinks and desserts that they sell. Unfortunately the Ube was such a big let down that it clouded our experience. Price wise, it was what you would expect in London, I wouldn’t necessarily pay for french toast on a normal day but that’s just personal preference. Ube made me go and now I went, I wouldn’t go back again, for the Ube at least.

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