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Marugame - Review - Food with Mae 4

Okay so it’s half term again for the schools in the UK. For those who are not familiar with the school system in the UK, schools have 1 week off and the kids are home during this week. For us parents, this is not such an exciting week as we have to take some time off from work and we have to find things to do to entertain our children. Before you think that we don’t like our children, we do but there are 3 or 4 half terms, 2 weeks off for Christmas, 2 week off for Easter and 6 weeks of summer holidays. 

I took Miss E with me to work during half term, so she can see what I do. Miss B went out with her friends so she had her own activities. Miss E and I went to Marugame Udon in St. Christopher’s Place to try their food. I have never been there before so I thought this is the perfect time to go and I could also spend some quality time with my bunso or youngest child.

When we arrived at the St. Christopher’s branch, we went down a small stairs, we were greeted by a member of staff and asked if you have been to their restaurant. We told him that it was our first time, and he explained the menu and the concept of the restaurant. There was a big screen TV with their Menu slides. It’s a simple menu with pictures, prices and allergen on a QR code which you can access on your phone. We took a couple of trays on our way to order. I ordered the Two Tonkatsu Udon. Miss E ordered Kitchen Katsu Curry with Rice and 2 unlimited soda drinks. There were some extra dishes on the sides too, some Tempura vegetables, Karaage and some wrapped sushi. You will see them as you go along the side where all the food was laid out. There is also a bar with all the sauces like teriyaki, mayo, soy sauce etc and toppings like chopped chillies, spring onions, pickled ginger and more.

With our trays of food and drinks, Miss E & I walked around to find an available table. It didn’t take a long time to find one that was clean, it was pretty busy when we went. 

The Service – the staff was friendly, pleasant and attentive. It’s also good that they know the dishes on the menu and gave us great suggestions and their personal favourites. The chefs behind the food were also friendly and informative. There was also staff cleaning the tales, especially during the busy times. We got our food without waiting too long, they plated them right in front of us so we could see how they assembled everything. 

The Food – my tonkatsu was delicious! The noodles were cooked well, I enjoyed the soup, it was tasty and most importantly the pork was soo yummy too. I would prefer thicker slices of pork though..haha! For the Katsu curry, the chicken was crispy as you would expect, the gravy was very tasty, it’s not spicy so if you want it spicy you can add some chopped chillies or chili oil. There was enough rice and the whole dish was good. 

The Drinks – They have a lot of drinks options. They have a soda machine with plenty of flavours to choose from, like cherry coke, tango, coke zero, tea and more. There were also bottles of beer, a beer tap too and some bottles of flavoured juices. 

The Verdict – Overall I was happy with our visit and miss E enjoyed our mini food trip too. I’m not an expert on Japanese food but over the years we have learnt what our palate likes and don’t like. I see many Asians eating too, so that must mean it’s good right? We enjoyed the food, it was well presented, tasted delicious and the staff were friendly. I would say that Marugame is an excellent quick stop for Japanese food with an affordable and delicious menu.

Please comment if you agree with my review. Thank you!

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