Blacklock Chops Restaurant Review


I finally got to visit Blacklock Chops after seeing it everywhere on my social media feed! My friend and her family from the Netherlands came to London for a week break and we arranged to meet. I suggested visiting Blacklock because how can you go wrong with meat? Lol! 

The Service

When we arrived, we were greeted and were taken to our table. The waiter explained the menu to us and told us his favourite dishes. I really like it when staff or waiters tell me their favourite dish or item/products because it shows how much they enjoy where they work. I guess if the staff likes the food then that’s one step closer to having a great meal. He sounded like he knew the menu well, he was pleasant and friendly.

The Food

There were 5 of us and we decided that we are going all in and a pork belly bun for the not so little one! Haha! We were hungry so our eyes were definitely bigger. The ‘All in’ came with Pre-chop bites; some canapes came as our starters which was: Blacklock potted meat & Kimchi, Egg & Anchovy and cheese & pickle. My fave out of the three bites was the cheese and pickle. The others were just okay for me. This was followed by a heady mix of beef, pork and lamb skinny chops piled high on charcoal-grilled flatbreads with a choice of side each. For side dishes we ordered some Beef dipping chips, Kale & Parmesan and baked Sweet potato. 

I love all the meat that came with ‘all in’, they were cooked well and very juicy. I know some people would say, how can you go wrong with meat (ahem that was me, I said it!) but actually if you don’t know how to cook meat, grilling or bbq-ing. It can certainly go very wrong. For one you can overcook the meat and lose its juicy-ness, burn it or undercook it. The beef meat was cooked medium-rare, just how I like it. The lamb chops were cooked perfectly, still a little red in the middle and were still juicy. The pork belly was also cooked nicely, not underdone or overcooked, it was delicious too. 

The food came all piled on top of each other, juices running down each other and being collected at the bottom by the flatbread under the meat. We also ordered some gravy which was also soo good!

The Drinks

There was a good range of drinks and cocktails on the menu. I didn’t fancy any alcoholic beverage on this day so I opted in for some sparkly water. Boooring! LOL! My friend ordered a cocktail, which she thought was yummy and refreshing. My husband and my friend’s hubby ordered some beers. 

The Vedict

I loved my first experience of Blacklock and I would most definitely go back again. The food was simple but delicious. Sometimes non complicated food is the best food to have and they definitely showcased that on my visit. The staff and service was pleasant which made the experience go smoothly. When I go back, I want to try their Sunday roasts which are also very popular and their dessert too! If you love your meat this is definitely a great place to go. I recommend you booking your seats as they can get really busy especially during peak hours and weekends.

Note: This is an independent review not gifted or invited and we paid for the food.

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