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Chicken oil - Food with Mae

Chicken Oil for Inasal

A savoury condiment to add chicken flavour to your rice!

What is Chicken Oil

It’s a condiment that is drizzled over rice when you eat Inasal na Manok or Chicken Barbecue. Inasal literally means ‘to grill’ and is from the Bacolod region in the Philippines. It’s a popular way of barbecuing meat because of its marinade, it’s flavour and fragrance. Chicken oil completes this dish which gives the rice some oomph !

For my Inasal na Manok/Chicken BBQ recipe: Inasal Skewers  Inasal Spatchcock

Of course you can use chicken oil to drizzle on your rice with other dishes too, even better for your fried rice!

Chicken oil - Food with Mae


300g chicken skin
200ml water
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon ground pepper
5 or more garlic



Using a frying pan, place the chicken skin, then add some water and season them with salt and pepper. Let the skin cook on medium heat, mixing them occasionally, until you see oil instead of the water and the chicken skin is crispy.




Take the chicken skin out of the pan and into a bowl. Next, add some garlic into the chicken oil and fry until they turn golden brown. Then take them out of the chicken oil and leave them on the side for later. 




Drain the oil into another bowl using a strainer with kitchen tissue to collect the small bits from the chicken skin. Leave it too cool on the side.




Once the chicken oil has cooled down, transfer them into a jar with a lid. Add the garlic and store in a cool dry place. Use it anytime you want by drizzling it over your rice. 




You are also left with crispy chicken skin for snacks!

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