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Salabat na Presko-FoodwithMae (2 of 5) small

Presko na Salabat

Fresh Ginger and Turmeric Tea with Lemon and Honey

What is Salabat 

Salabat is a hot drink in the Philippines usually made for someone who is feeling under the weather. It’s a great tea with plenty of benefits for the body including anti-inflammatories, improving circulation in your body and it’s good for your immune system! It’s usually sweetened with some sugar or honey. 

I made a version that my family enjoys and I make this every winter for us when the weather is cold and colds or flu are just around the corner. Especially now with Covid going around infecting many people around the world. I caught Covid from a family member during Christmas and New Year. It took me 12 days to get a negative test. While I was isolating my husband Adrian made some Salabat for me, it was soothing for my sore throat, warming and comforting. I thought to myself, I have to share this on my Instagram because it’s too good not to share. It was such a lovely warm drink to have when you are feeling under the weather. 

Here are some of the health benefits, bare in mind I’m not a nutritionist and I found these health benefits by searching online. 

1.Rich in vitamin C
2.Improves digestive health
3.Boost immune system

1.Increase Energy and balance PH
2.Eliminate unwanted toxins from the body
3.Relief from cold and flu
4.Supports immune system

2.Reduces Nausea
3.Reduce Muscle pain and aches
4.Improves Circulations
5.Strengthen immune system

1.Supports cognitive function
2.Fight against cold and flu
3.Good source of antioxidants

Here’s some Tips

  1. Use Agave or brown sugar if you want to keep it plant based or vegan.
  2. You can make a large batch and it should last 1 week for 4 people or make half if less people in your household.
  3. Keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh
  4. Add more sweetener if you want your tea sweeter
Salabat na Presko-FoodwithMae (2 of 5) small


4 large oranges
3 lemon
80g fresh ginger
60g fresh turmeric or 1 tablespoon powder
250g honey or Agave if you want to keep it plant based



Wash the fruits and root crops first before chopping them.

Chop all of the fresh ingredients into small cubes and put them aside for later. 



Take a large bowl, add all of the ingredients in the bowl and give it a good mix. Add more honey if you prefer your tea sweeter. 

Using a large jar with a lid, transfer your salabat mixture from the bowl into the jar. You can keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh.


To make your tea, boil some water in a kettle. Add 1 heaped tablespoon (per person) of your salabat mixture into a mug or teapot with a strainer. Pour the boiling water, let it soak for a few minutes and it’s ready to drink. I personally don’t strain the mixture as I like them soaking in the mug longer to get the most of the nutrients. Enjoy!

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