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Kinulob na Manok-FoodwithMae (6 of 15) small

Kinulob na Manok

One Pot Braised Chicken

A whole chicken braised with chorizo, bacon and spices.

Kinulob na Manok is a whole chicken traditionally cooked in a large clay pot called ‘Palayok’ and cooked over wood on low heat for a few hours. Banana leaves are used to line the chicken and on top to keep the heat tightly within the pot which is the process of ‘Kinulob’ or to cover tightly. It’s similar to Pinaupong Manok (seated chicken) but differs in how it is cooked. While Kinulob is cooked with water braising the chicken slowly, Pinaupong Manok is cooked in a large claypot but instead of it being covered in water, it’s layered with salt at the bottom of the pot, a layer of banana leaves to keep the chicken separated from the salt and it’s cooked by steam much like an oven or a dutch oven. 

It’s popular in Mabini, Batangas in the Philippines, it’s so loved in this area that they started a festival for it. Many people participate, each cooking their own version of Kinulob. It’s a pretty new event and not many know about it yet. I think it’s a great way to entice people to visit their area and try this amazing dish. 

I love Kinulob, it’s a unique way of cooking a hearty meal for the family and one pot dishes like this makes my life even easier! 

Kinulob na Manok-FoodwithMae (6 of 15) small


1 whole medium – large chicken
800ml-1litre water
8 pieces smoked bacon rasher
100g chorizo de Bilbao or any Spanish chorizo
1 large potato, peeled + chopped
2 small onions or 1 large onion, quartered
4-6 garlic cloves, chopped
2 lemongrass stems, crushed
80ml soy sauce
4 bay leaves
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon peppercorns
Banana leaves, optional
chopped spring onions for garnish, optional



Take a couple of chopped onions (leaving some for later), all of the lemongrass and insert it inside the chicken. Leave aside for later.




Using a large pot, add banana leaves (if you have some but it’s optional) at the bottom of the pot. Next, place the whole chicken and all of the dry and wet ingredients in the pot. You can add some bacon or potatoes under the chicken too if you like.




Bring the chicken to a boil on high heat, once boiling turn the heat down to low and braise for 1hr to 1:30 hours. You don’t have to mix the chicken but you can scoop some of the soup and pour it on top of the chicken every now and then. 





Once it’s cooked, turn the heat off and serve the chicken in the pot or you can take it out of the pot and into a serving plate. Pour the soup in a bowl individually or in a large serving bowl. Kinulob is typically eaten with rice. 

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