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PinoyFruitSalad-FWM (8 of 11)

Pinoy Fruit Salad

Fruity…check! Creamy…check! Sweet…check!

If you have attended a Filipino gathering before, you know that you are in for a feast! When we say, come over, we are having a small gathering for a celebration don’t expect 2-3 people or sandwiches on the table. Small gathering ends up being a living room and kitchen full of people and a table long of different Filipino dishes. Fruit salad being one of the preferred dessert. Fruit Salad is kinda healthy in a sweet way..haha!

These are some of the food, there are more trays in the kitchen. Can you spot the fruit salad?

My family loves fruit salad and I do too! We recently attended a Filipino BBQ, the host forgot to bring out the fruit salad from the fridge till late. No one blink and eye lid, we all went straight for it and me being greedy had 3 bowls! (no shame)

You may notice that I added Nata de Coco and Kaong with my fruit salad. What is Nata de Coco? It’s the translucent jelly-like cubes you see in Halu halo or other Filipino desserts/drinks and sometimes you will see them in red or green colour. It’s sweetened coconut jelly made by fermentation. What is Kaong? It is the young fruits of feather palm boiled and sweetened also known as sugar palm. You can use any brand, this is what’s available to me where I get my supplies. It’s optional to add these on your fruit salad, you can add anything you feel like adding.

Many don’t realise that Filipino food is so versatile, of course you follow the basics and then you build from there. I tried fruit salad with raisins, some with edam cheese before and both works. You can experiment with your favourite fruits too which is exciting!

I hope you enjoy my Pinoy Fruit Salad Recipe. Please don’t forget to rate and comment below if you have any questions. Also tag me on your instagram photos and videos @foodwithmae for a chance to get featured on my page!

PinoyFruitSalad-FWM (8 of 11)


2 cans fruit cocktail, liquid drained
1 can peach, halved
300g watermelon, peeled & cubed
300g mango, peeled & cubed
1 jar nata de coco, optional
200g green kaong, optional
200g red nata de coco, optional
1 can condensed milk
300ml double cream
Extra sugar if you want it sweeter


In a large bowl all the fruit ingredients, nata de coco and kaong. Pour condensed milk and double cream. Mix all the ingredients together well. Taste it, if you like it sweeter you can add more sugar and mix until the sugar dissolves.
Cover your fruit salad and put it in the fridge for about 1-2 hours before serving.
Tip: When it’s a really hot day, I put the fruit salad in the freezer for an hour. It freezes a little on the sides and it’s so nice and cold perfect for hotter days.

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