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Overnight Oats- Food with Mae2

Protein Overnight Oats

I love this for breakfast, if I don’t make protein porridge I make these in advance. It’s super simple but so nutritious and a great breakfast to start your day!

I love overnight oats for breakfast, if I don’t make protein porridge I make these in advance. It’s super simple but so nutritious and a great breakfast to start your day!

Overnight oats are basically oats which have been left to soak overnight in milk or water, rather than being cooked in the morning. This no-cook method allows the oats to absorb the liquid overnight and soften them so that they are ready to eat in the morning. This makes overnight oats a quick and easy breakfast option, and you can easily customise them with different toppings and sauces.

I make some on a sunday so that I have a ready made breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I leave it in the fridge and eat it within 3-4 days. You can make them with different flavours like what I did or you can make it all the same flavour. It’s up to you how you like your overnight oats.

Swap it & Common Questions

Can you only use oats? – Yes, as far as I know it’s just with oats.

Fruits – I used frozen berries with mine, as I can buy a big bag that I can use for overnight oats and when we make shakes too. It’s also cheaper and keeps in the freezer for longer. I also used a banana but you don’t have to if you don’t like them. There are many fruits that you can add like mangoes, avocado etc. 

Coco – I used organic 80% coco but  you can use anything that you like. I think the higher the percentage the healthier it is but don’t take it from me. Haha!

Sauces –  I have seen other people add honey, I didn’t add honey with mine as the protein powder is already sweet. If you’re not adding protein powder, add sugar or honey.

Protein powder – I used whey isolate (vanilla flavour), I was told by both of my friends who are female nutritionists that women should start their day with a good protein at least 25-30g. It helps balance the sex hormones in the morning. Which should leave us in a better mood and start the day. 

If you enjoyed this recipe please let me know in the commnets. Would you like me to do more recipes like this?

Overnight Oats- Food with Mae2


3 half cups oats
3 tablespoons chia seeds
600ml oat milk
80-100g frozen berries
1 teaspoon 80% coco powder
1 ripe banana
3 scoops protein powder (optional)



Using 3 leak proof container box, in each box add oats, chia seeds, 200ml oat milk and give this a good mix.


Next, add protein in each box and give it a mix until its incorporated.  Then you can add different  flavours for each box. This is what I did for me but you can do any flavours you like. For me one box had sliced bananas, the second box had berries & chocolate and the last box is just berries. Onece the flavours and toppings are added, mix them again. Store them in the fridge overnight, consume within 3-4 days. 

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