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Kimchi Stew - Food with Mae-6

Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly

I made some kimchi a few weeks ago, so my kimchi is pretty fermented already. Perfect to make some jjigae. Using an old or very fermented kimchi is key to this dish, the older the better! Jjagae is very popular to Korean people and now the world knows about it. They have different types of Jjagae and this is one of them. I think Koreans eat this a lot during the cold and winter months because it’s soupy and it’s warming the belly. Which I also enjoy when it’s cold and raining in London. This recipe is not traditional. 

I started learning how to make Korean food when I started watching Kdrama because they always eat in Kdramas and the food always looks good. So my curiosity made me try making some kimchi. This was when we had the lockdowns in London during the pandemic. We couldn’t go to the restaurants, so I had to make the food myself. I learnt a lot of Korean dishes from watching youtube, Instagram and tiktok videos. Netflix also had an amazing series of Korean food rhapsody which was very informative and well made.

As a busy mum I’m always looking for ways to cook something delicious and healthy for the family that don’t keep me in the kitchen all day. This kare kare is my modern take on the traditional dish without compromising the flavours. 

This is part of my 20 minute or less meals. A quick and easy meal for busy bees and lazy days.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe. If you do like this recipe please leave me a comment! Thank you!

Kimchi Stew - Food with Mae-6


200g pork belly
100-150g chopped kimchi
150g tofu
½ medium onion
2 garlic
1 teaspoon gochugaru flakes
1-2 teaspoon fish sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
Spring onions for toppings



In a pan, heat some sesame oil and add the pork. Cook the pork for about a minute then add onions and garlic. Saute for another minute. 


Next add your chopped kimchi, gochugaru flakes, fish sauce, a little sugar and water. Mix them well. Put the lid on your pan, on high heat bring this to a boil, then turn the heat to medium and simmer for 8-10 minutes.




Turn the heat off, that’s it then serve with rice while it’s hot. Enjoy!

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