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Ube-Iskrambol-FoodwithMae (2 of 3)


Milky Slushy with Purple Yam

If I say school snacks what’s the first food comes to mind? I grew up in the Philippines and what I remember during school recess or break is this cold, sweet and colourful dessert. The vendor usually seen outside of schools and parks waiting for the students and young children to persuade their parents for some iskrambol. It’s cheap and cheerful leaving you buzzing with sugar rush! It’s probably something that the teachers didn’t realise when we went back to the classroom that most of us are extra active for the rest of the day. Haha!

Making this at home is easy, you don’t need any fancy equipment or complicated ingredients. As you know I have 2 adorable kiddos who constantly need my attention about anything and everything so this dessert a quick and satisfying snack for them. I know…I know this will probably leave them in a sugar buzz and will jump on walls but hey it’s summer and I don’t make it everyday *wink*

Let’s talk about the ice. I used this ice shaver gifted to me after a wedding event that I catered for a year ago (Thank you Krissy & Steve), which I’m forever grateful. I know many of you might not have this at home so here are some suggestions:

  • blender or smoothie machine – add ice cubes with some evaporated milk to create a slushy texture
  • Ready crushed ice from the shop – these are okay but not great as they are pretty bulky but still usable if you must make some
  • Ice crusher – if you already have an ice crusher at home you can use that crush your ice. The texture wont be the same as the shaved ice
  • Manual ice shaver – freeze some ice using a box container or in a plastic bag. You can get manual ice shaver from Philippines. I had 1 and lent it to someone…now I dont know where it is?!? You can also mix some water and either condensed milk or evaporated milk and freeze it a large plastic container you can use your manual ice shaver too. It’s not as easy as the machine but it does the job.

Let’s talk about the milk powder. I know it’s unusual to milk powder but it makes sense. As it’s really hot in Philippines, everything melts so quickly and Iskrambol shouldn’t be watery. Though, after a while it does become watery because of the ice melting but you’re probably done eating by then. Using powdered milk slows the melting, it helps it become thicker and milk powder are tasty too. I used Nestle Nido as it’s available at my local grocery store. You can use anything milk powder you like or if you prefer using condensed milk or evaporated milk they are good too.

I used Purple yam extract that I bought from a Filipino grocery store. Unfortunately they don’t sell it in Chinatown anymore. I’m probably the only one who bought them! haha! This is an optional flavour, you use any syrup you like or any flavouring you like. I’m going to experiement and try and use fresh fruits too.

GO CRAZY on toppings! Please add any toppings you want! I added some mini marshmallows, 3 different types of sprinkles, more milk powder, chocolate syrup and condensed milk. I also added a chocolate wafer to make special.

I hope you enjoy making this snack. If you do make it, please tag me on your videos or photos on Instagram @foodwithmae. It would make my day!

Ube-Iskrambol-FoodwithMae (2 of 3)


1kg ice cubes
200g milk powder
150g caster sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon purple yam extract, optional
any toppings you want
wafer sticks, optional



Using a machine or manually shave or crush ice cubes and place it in a large bowl.


Add milk powder, sugar and purple yam extract. Mix all the ingredients together making sure there are no lumps and everything is incorporated.


Pour some chocolate syrup on the sides of the glass, add some shaved ice mixture leaving some space for the toppings.


Add some more milk powder on top, pour some chocolate syrup, add some sprinkles and marshmallows. Pour some condensed milk and place chocolate stick on the side. It’s ready to serve!

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    • Laila
    • 07/08/2019

    We went to PI this Easter… daughter LOVED this! I just told her I found a recipe for it and she’s currently jumping up and down in happiness! Thank you!

      • foodwithmae
      • 09/08/2019

      Hi Laila, Yay! Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy my recipe =)

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