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Shrimp & Vegetable Fritters

Crispy deep fried prawns or shrimps with carrots, spring onions, sweet potatoes and beansprouts.


What is Ukoy

Ukoy or Okoy is usually sold in the streets and eaten as snacks.  In London, I serve this dish as a starter or as a sharing platter at my parties or when I’m hosting my supper club. It’s a great finger food and I can assure you it’s one my diners’, family and friends’ favourites!

This little gem is fried to a crisp; a mixture of shrimps, beansprouts, spring onions,  carrots, sweet potatoes and seasoning. Served with spiced vinegar on the side or some toyomansi (Soy sauce and Kalamansi dip). Every time I make this either for parties at home or for my supperclub it is always a hit! It’s crunchy, simple and so tasty!

Let’s talk ingredients

Prawns or Shrimp – I would honestly say that, it really up to you on which you prefer and you can have the either de-shelled or keep the shells on. I personally like it without shells.

Most of the ingredients in this dish are readily available at your local supermarket. That I think is one of the beauty about Filipino food is that it accessible anywhere.

Sauce or Sawsawan – I used a very simple dipping sauce for this. Please see the ingredients below. One tip I would say is that if it’s still too sour for you add a little water with it. Should you add sugar? You can, but I wouldn’t but that’s my personal taste. Of course you can also dip it in other sauces that you prefer. The vinegar dip for this is what we usually pair it with. Also if you want to add some chillies, you can too!



300g small shrimps, cleaned
300g corn flour
100g plain flour
300g beansprouts, julienne
4 carrots, peeled & julienne
200g sweet potatoes, peeled & julienne
120g spring onions, chopped
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 raw egg
cooking oil

Dipping Sauce

100ml vinegar
1/4 onions, minced
2 garlic, minced
1 small red chilli, minced or chopped
1 teaspoon salt
a pinch of ground black pepper
30-50ml water (optional)


In a large bowl place shrimps, carrots, beansprout, eggs, sweet potatoes, salt & pepper and mix them well. Add corn flour and plain flour. Mix them again, making sure that it’s covered in flour mixture.
On medium to high heat pour the cooking oil into the frying pan, wait for the oil to heat up before cooking the ukoy mixture. I used a plastic plate with oil to help me shape the mixture into a flat disk and a spoon to push the ukoy mixture into the hot oil. Fry them each side until golden brown, once cooked take them out of the pan and into a dish lined with kitchen roll to absorb the oil or a rack. Do this until all of the mixture is cooked.
To make the dipping sauce, simply add all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix them well. Enjoy them together or eat the Ukoy on its own.

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